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Thums Up celebrates World Boxing champion Nikhat Zareen
short by Roshan Gupta / on 06 Aug 2022,Saturday
India's boxer Nikhat Zareen reached semi-finals, assuring a medal at Commonwealth Games 2022. On 75 years of India's Independence, Thums Up salutes hands that built India through its #HarHaathToofan campaign. Watch 'Toofani' story of a girl from Nizamabad who lost Olympic tryouts but kept fighting, making India proud by winning World Championship, and has become national treasure, Thums Up said.
short by Roshan Gupta / 07:00 am on 06 Aug
Abbott FreeStyle Libre aims to make glucose monitoring prick-free
short by Roshan Gupta / on 06 Aug 2022,Saturday
Abbott announced the launch of FreeStyle Libre, a sensor-based monitoring device, aiming to help people with diabetes to track their glucose levels. The wearable product monitors glucose levels without fingerpricks & time spent in desired glucose range. It enables users to make informed decisions on lifestyle modification & dietary control while sharing real-time data with experts, said the brand.
short by Roshan Gupta / 06:27 pm on 06 Aug
The Wadhwa Group offers 3 and 4 BHK Nature Villas at Passcode Greencard in Panvel starting from Rs. 1.99 Cr*. Each villa comes with its own garden, patio, exclusive clubhouse, and private parking amidst 16 acres of greenery with 15+ lifestyle amenities. According to the brand, the concept of nature villas comes from the location's serene surroundings and lush views.
short by Aarish / 01:16 pm on 04 Aug
Tesla CEO Elon Musk's 76-year-old father Errol remarked, "In my head, I've slept with hundreds of women. Occasionally I find a woman that is attracted to me." He also denied being a serial womaniser. Errol had recently revealed that he had a second child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout in 2019 and that they are not living together anymore.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 03:19 pm on 08 Aug
IFS officer shares pic of clouded leopard, calls it 'rare beauty'
short by Anmol Sharma / on 04 Aug 2022,Thursday
IFS officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to share a picture of a clouded leopard on the occasion of International Clouded Leopard Day. Calling clouded leopard a "rare beauty", Kaswan stated that the picture was taken at the Buxa Tiger Reserve. "Do you know where else we can find them in India?" he further asked his followers.
short by Anmol Sharma / 10:13 pm on 04 Aug
Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has unveiled its 'Trash Pouch', a $1,790 (around ₹1.4 lakh) bag "inspired by a garbage bag". Pictures of the bag made from calfskin leather have gone viral. "Thank you Balenciaga for making rich people carry out their trash bags," said a Twitter user. "It's the end of the world as we know it," said another.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 04:21 pm on 05 Aug
Former Pakistan minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad spat during a live television debate, the footage of which has gone viral. This came after Ahmad was asked a question about the current Interior Minister of Pakistan Rana Sanaullah. "His new portfolio should be: minister for spitting on live TV," wrote journalist Naila Inayat while sharing the video.
short by Daisy Mowke / 08:52 pm on 05 Aug
A video showing a bull travelling on a passenger train going from Sahibganj in Jharkhand to Bihar has gone viral on social media. About 10-12 people boarded the bull on the train, tied it to a seat, and left, according to reports. Reacting to the video, a social media user wrote, "Incredible India."
short by Ankush Verma / 01:47 pm on 06 Aug
Man shares pic of paperwork for Schengen visa, Twitter users react
short by Apaar Sharma / on 07 Aug 2022,Sunday
A Twitter user named Saptarshi Prakash applied for Schengen visa and wrote, "Applying for a tourist visa to one of the most developed countries...This is the amount of paper I'm supposed to carry to prove I've the money to stay there and come back." A Twitter user replied, "Nice pillow". Another user wrote, "This is ITR paperwork on steroids".
short by Apaar Sharma / 04:30 pm on 07 Aug
Britain's Prime Ministerial candidate Rishi Sunak has revealed in an interview that he is "much more organised" than his wife Akshata Murthy who, according to him, is "more spontaneous". "I'm incredibly tidy, she's very messy," said Sunak, adding, "She is not big on the whole tidying thing." He said, "She is a total nightmare, clothes everywhere."
short by Sakshita Khosla / 09:53 pm on 07 Aug
The most pull-ups from a helicopter in one minute is 25, and was achieved by Stan Bruininck (Netherlands) at Hoevenen Airfield in Antwerp, Belgium, on July 6. Bruininck is a fitness enthusiast specialising in callisthenics. He is one of the presenters of the YouTube channel 'Browney'. The number to beat was 23 pull-ups, previously achieved by Roman Sahradyan (Armenia).
short by Daisy Mowke / 04:52 pm on 06 Aug
Divers exploring the caverns of Mexico shared photos of the descent into swirling fog caused by alternating layers of fresh water and salt water, creating the illusion of a river underwater. Underwater photographer Francis Perez dived into a cenote called 'El Pit' in Yucatan, Mexico. "It's like flying over a river...It's like another world, a mysterious place," said Perez.
short by Daisy Mowke / 11:09 pm on 06 Aug
Tamil Nadu IAS officer Supriya Sahu on Saturday tweeted a video of a pack of elephants charging towards some tourists who were posing for selfies some distance away from the animals. "Selfie craze with wildlife can be deadly," said Sahu, adding, "These people were simply lucky that these gentle giants chose to pardon their behaviour."
short by Sakshita Khosla / 05:51 pm on 06 Aug
A red-coloured sculpture of Russian President Vladimir Putin riding a miniature war tank has been installed in a playground in New York City's famous Central Park. French artist James Colomina took credit for the sculpture and said, "[It] aims at denouncing the absurdity of war and at highlighting children's courage." Colomina had previously installed similar sculptures in Barcelona and Paris.
short by Hiral Goyal / 12:35 pm on 07 Aug
A remote 28-acre island in Scotland that has a lighthouse, a five-bedroom accommodation and a helipad has been put on sale for £3,50,000 (around ₹3.3 crore), which is less than the average price of a London flat. The teardrop-shaped Pladda Isle is only accessible by boat or helicopter. It also has a 2.5-acre garden and stone jetty for boat transportation.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 10:53 pm on 07 Aug
A Twitter user shared a video, showing a seven-year-old boy delivering orders for Zomato after his father, a Zomato delivery agent, met with an accident. The boy said that he goes to school in the morning and delivers orders from 6-11pm on a cycle. "Kindly share his father's details with us via a private message," Zomato replied on the post.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 09:51 am on 04 Aug
Mysterious loud sound heard across Punjab's Ludhiana twice today
short by Anmol Sharma / on 04 Aug 2022,Thursday
A mysterious loud sound was heard across Punjab's Ludhiana at least twice today, with locals wondering what it was. Several locals suspected it to be a sonic boom. One of the residents wrote on social media, "The building trembled a little bit too." Another wrote, "It was like something big hit my house roof."
short by Anmol Sharma / 05:48 pm on 04 Aug
A leave application written by a government employee in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur is going viral after he sought for three days' leave to resolve fight with his wife. "There has been an argument with my wife regarding love," he stated in the letter, adding that she has gone to her mother's house with their elder daughter and her two children.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 01:48 pm on 04 Aug
Police in US' Henry County are searching for a man accused of shoplifting from a store. The man, who social media users said looked exactly like actor Bradley Cooper, is accused of stealing a Bosch Rotary Laser Kit from the Home depot in McDonough. "Bradley Cooper. I'd know that guy anywhere," a social media user commented on police's post.
short by Ankush Verma / 09:32 am on 05 Aug
Amid Russia-Ukraine war, a Russian man named Sergei Novikov recently married his Ukrainian girlfriend Elona Bramoka in Himachal Pradesh's Dharamshala as per Indian traditions. The couple could be seen in traditional Indian outfits during the wedding ceremony. "Our pandit Raman Sharma solemnised their per the traditions of the Sanatan Dharma," Divya Ashram Kharota's official said.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 10:58 am on 04 Aug
Pictures show a parasite that enters a fish through its gills, eats its tongue and then replaces it. Cymothoa exigua, or the tongue-eating louse, belongs to the Cymothoidae (ectoparasite) family. After replacing the fish's tongue, it then feeds on the fish's mucus. The parasite was discovered among an import of fish in Suffolk, UK, in June.
short by Daisy Mowke / 07:37 pm on 06 Aug
Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda has shared a clip of a sea cucumber eating its food. The clip shows the creature being released completely and seconds later, it shows the sea cucumber using its tentacle-like structures to eat. "Scary stuff," a Twitter user commented while another person wrote, "Wonders of nature."
short by Daisy Mowke / 06:58 pm on 04 Aug
Jewel-encrusted pendants and gold chains are among the priceless artefacts that were found among the remains of a Spanish ship which sank over 350 years ago in the Bahamas. The lost treasure was found recently by Bahamian and US marine archaeologists and divers. They were found among a debris trail spanning over 13 km near the Little Bahama Bank.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 10:03 pm on 05 Aug
Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s father Errol in an interview commented, “Shivon has an IQ of about 170, Elon is on a right track there.” Recently, it was reported that Elon fathered two children last year with Shivon Zilis, a top executive at his artificial intelligence company Neuralink. Errol added that he and his son are attracted to intelligent women.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 12:06 pm on 08 Aug
Use the metro brother: Minister KTR to man over traffic in Hyderabad
short by Nidhi Sinha / on 06 Aug 2022,Saturday
During an online question-and-answer session conducted by Telangana's Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development KT Rama Rao (KTR), a Twitter user asked, "What are the plans to address the traffic jams on [Hyderabad's] Begumpet-Paradise stretch?" To this, KTR replied, "Use the metro brother." Criticising his reply, a user tweeted, "Sir food is expensive…[You] can drink water bro!"
short by Nidhi Sinha / 05:40 pm on 06 Aug
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